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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I speak about what's on my heart, my thoughts, and my spirit, and share my writings with the world. I am the author of Goodbye Me Hello Me, The Power of Your Thoughts, and my new book Broken In The Pews coming out in 2024. I also write insightful and inspiring blogs about life that offer support, encouragement, healing, and practical solutions to enhance your personal growth and well-being. My writings provide valuable teaching, coaching and mentoring to help navigate through the challenges and complexities of life, so you’ll find the support you need to thrive. This is me. This is my voice!

My heartfelt passion is to see lives transform and be released into their God-given purpose, destiny and dreams. I am one of those persons who will walk with you on life’s journey, teaching, equipping, and empowering you as you go along. Through the work that I do and outreach projects connecting with people worldwide, I’m committed to using the pain, lessons, experiences, and challenges of my life to reach out to others and be a lifeline. My main focus and goal are to see individuals set free to create life their way, especially spiritually, and to live their fullest potential. As a mother of two extraordinary young men and with my bags packed in tow, I embark on adventures that will allow me to do the impossible in life whilst being the best version of myself. I have worked in various occupations and worn many hats, but have now found where my heart is. As a solution-focused person who looks for another way in all things, I am an avid listener who hears beneath what’s not spoken and a voice who speaks from the heart. On a lighter note… I love to laugh, and most times at myself. Travel to charming and beautiful destinations, and vibing to music. I have found my freedom to be me!

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Goodbye Me Hello Me

A journey of finding yourself again to live the best version of YOU.

This book has helped Jennifer to serve the eviction notice to areas and things, including people, in her life so she can move forward. Goodbye Me Hello Me, will help you to let go of the old that is keeping you held captive and bound so you can walk freely into your future and calling embracing the new. You’ll be taking a discovery journey of your life so you can learn to be the very best version of YOU. The time is now to empower yourself and take back control of your life once again to create the life you want.

Jennifer wrote Goodbye Me Hello Me because of where she saw herself in life at that moment in time. A person who constantly looked in the mirror not being happy with the reflection looking back, and seeing how her life on the outside not matching and connecting with the inside of who she was. Jennifer followed a lot of the steps and keys spoken about in the book. She had to look within to discover herself again through the window of her soul. Goodbye Me Hello Me was written from the heart and from a place Jennifer had never visited before. A dark valley she found herself in. This book was birthed out of her own experiences and why she decided to share her hurt, pain, and lessons with the world. Goodbye Me Hello Me will challenge any reader to wake up and be their best selves moving forward in life.

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The Power of Your Thoughts

15 powerful tips and words of encouragement that will help you to change old mindsets and overcome the battle in your mind.

There is so much happening now today in society and the world, which can leave you grappling with prioritising your life and shifting your thoughts to think in a new and completely different way. Amid the war taking place outside and within, you’re trying to regain control and take back the territory of your life once again.

Life doesn’t make it easy for you. It will throw everything it has to the point where you become confused, fragile, and lose your way. The negative thoughts start creeping into your mind painting an illusion of who you have become and how your life is now; Before you know it, you start believing the lies in your head as you struggle to remain positive, focused, and determined, but your thoughts say otherwise. You may find yourself starting to lose the battle taking place in your mind but do not wave the white flag in surrender just yet!

The Power of Your Thoughts will teach you how to re-programme your mind, what to replace it with, and the tools that can help you to do so. You’ll be sweeping the negative voices and self-talk aside, and focusing on using the right words, phrases and statements that will help bring balance and shift your thinking pattern to create more of what you want in life. You can use this book as a go-to guide when you need a quick pick-me-up, and learn to channel your thoughts correctly and safely.

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Broken In The Pews

Jennifer is excited to share her newest book with you which will be released in 2024; Broken In The Pews. This book was birthed from an experience she went through and where God has released her now to share it with the world. This book will help you find the healing that you need from “church” hurt and religion, so you can live the life God intended for you to have. There will also be a Study Guide and Journal which accompanies the book to help you further delve much deeper into your healing process and restoration.

Stay connected with Jennifer to learn more about this life-changing book and journey, and how to get a copy when it’s released.

I am passionate about writing and love to share my muses of life with the world. I write from the heart and through life experiences and lessons, I help shine a light on your next step and adventure on life’s journey.

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